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100W Led Outdoor Flood Lights
Tue Oct 18, 2016 13:18

100W Led Outdoor Flood LightsProduct description:When night falls, all the lights off in the Bund, is extremely gorgeous and stylish, hauntingly. This colorful, magnificent night, of course, cannot do without LED light. LED projection lamp is also called spot light, projection lamp, can make the brightness of the object is higher than the surrounding environment, can aim at any direction, and not affected by the weather conditions, at the same time, both the architectural decoration. Therefore, it is widely used in the single building, historical buildings of the external wall lighting, indoor lighting, green landscape lighting, billboards, lighting, stadium, overpass, parks, squares, etc.. The famous Hong Kong and Zhuhai and Macao cross sea bridge construction project also use LED projection lamp.The same series products:Product pictureProduct Description                                                                 Product brand:Jiansheng  Product model:TGD-001 Type:Cast light, flood light Protection Level:IP65   Type of light source:LED Power of light source:100W Luminous flux:1000~20000 Lm   Color of light source:White and warm white     working voltage     :220V Main scope of application:Square, stadium, Park Product features: Energy saving,  high brightness, long life, no light pollution, waterproof and explosion-proof. Materials and properties: * high pressure die cast aluminum housing * high purity aluminum reflector * shell electrostatic spray processing * anti-corrosion performance is superior, the reflector proliferation is good *Symmetric or asymmetric light distribution systems * thermal impact resistant tempered glass * high temperature silicone sealing ring, good sealing performance Galvanized steel bracket * adapt to all kinds of climate * and electrical system integration, easy to use The advantage of our: 1, highlighting the chip The United States imports Bridgelux chips, low light brightness, durable, long life 2, constant current drive The use of intelligent IC constant current drive, to ensure that the current output, extend the lamp life 3, thickened heat sink Air convection heat dissipation technology, high efficiency cooling 4, tempered glass mask The light transmittance of up to 90%, color uniformity Detail display: 
       ↑              ↑                ↑ Thickened heat sink   Waterproof drive Import chip   Product configuration introduction: 1, color rendering index: 70 2, rated frequency: 5OHz 3, light distribution: 1 4, light distribution way: 1 5, working temperature: -40~50 degrees Celsius 6, lamps and lanterns to prevent electric shock protection category: class I 7, protection grade: IP65 8, reflector material: high purity aluminum 3002-0
           LED projection lamp illumination distance tablePower(W)Optimal irradiation distance(M)Acceptable irradiation distance(M)30W35-650W57-870W78-980W89-10100W1010-12120W1112-13150W1213-15200W1516-18We have a variety of colors for you to choose         
1、Warm white light:Suitable for warm white lighting,Can create a warm atmosphere
2、Cool white light: pure and brighjt light,  meet the need of high brightness lightingProduction progress:Packing and delivery:Packing: carton packaging lamps commonly used, but the lamp is fragile, easy to deformation, in order to ensure the safety of the lamp to reach buyers hands, far away and fragile, easy to deformation, we often use wooden frame reinforced wooden frame.Delivery: because the lights are heavy, so the freight need according to the quantity and destination specific accounting.We promise existing goods delivery within 48 hours.Customized goods 7~15 days of delivery. url:

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