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Hook Through Type Shot Blasting Machine
Tue Oct 18, 2016 13:35

Q37 Hook Through type shot blasting machine This series hook type shot blast cleaning machine,Website:, is mainly used for casting, structural, non-ferrcus alloy parts and other parts of the surface cleaning, shot blasting cleaning machine of this series at a single hook, double hook-type, , lifting style and many other models. It has the advantages of not pit, compact structure, and high productivity.  Hook type shot blasting machine technical:TypeQ376Q376BQ378CQ3710Q3720Q3730Q3750Q37100Maximum weight   of cleaning(kg)500600800100020003000500010000Maximum overall   dimensions of suspender(mm)600X1200700X12001000X16001200X18001400X22001600X23001800X25003000X3000Abrasive flow   rate(kg/min)2X2002X2002X2502X2503X2503X2504X2505X250Lifting amount   of elevating conveyor(T/h)2424303045456075Separating   amount of separator(T/h)2424303045456075Total power(kw)22.523.539.6547.556.265.4585.4597.65Ventilation   capacity(M ³ /h)40004000500050009000110001400016000 We are one of the most professional manufactures of all kinds of shot blasting machine(sand blasting machine),if you are interested in us,please don't hesitate to contact us! We can do the machine according your request, if the above model can't suit for your workpiece. Just tell us what your need, then we can do the machine for you!  If the standard machine isn't suitable for your workpiece,please tell us the following information: 1.What is The material of the workpiece? 2. What 's The size of it,the length,width,height,the weight....? 3. What are the requirements of the clean workpiece? 4.How many KG you want to clean every day or each month? According to your workpiece, we can design the most suitable equipment for you. Any question please feel free to contact us, welcome to visit our factory in Qingdao,Shandong. 

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