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Stepping Hanging Chain Shot Blasting Machine
Tue Oct 18, 2016 13:35

Q48 Stepping hanging chain catenary shot blasting machine  General Introduce: Stepping hanging chain catenary shot blasting machine,Website:,Hanger type shot peening equipment is design to handle mix load of medium & large components including fragile & irregular shapes. Small components can also be cleaned by loading into carrier basket. Various work handling schemes like Straight, Tee, Y and continuous loop is possible. Machine can handle load up to 5000 kg/hanger or more.  Ideally suitable for Blast Cleaning, Castings like Cylinder Blocks, Cylinder Heads, Tractor Components, Diesel Engines, Railway bogie bolster & Fabricated Transformer Tanks etc.  Widely used in cleaning and strengthening for Fragile or Irregularly Shaped Parts, Medium-sized or Large Parts, Die Cast Parts, Sand Removal and External Finishing.  Feature:  1.This machine is a kind of high efficency shot blasting machine with non-pit. 2. Large inner available cleaning space, compacted structure and scientific design. Can be designed and manufactured according to the order. 3. No special request for the workpiece structure. Can be used for different kinds of workpieces. Technical parameters:  This series double route hanger chains type shot blast cleaning machine/sand blaster uses multiple-step and rotating point fixed method to clean away the antiquated sand and oxidation layer from the surface quickly,and makes the surface bright and clean.It is mainly used for the fitting of vehicles such as the bolster,side frame,coupler and coupler yoked,also for cleaning the casting and workpieces with the similar size.  ItemQ383                  Q483Q385                  Q485 Q4810Cleaning workpieces size(mm)800×12001000×15001000×2500Nmber of work   position222Quantity of impeller   head446Impeller head   volume(kg/min)4×2504×2506×250Impeller head   power(Kw)4×154×156×15Max hangering   weight(kg)3005001000Productivity hanger306030604060Size of the cleaning   room(mm) 7680×2000×2900 7680×2000×29007680×2000×3800Total airrate volume   (m3/h)170001900019000Total power   (KW)              (Not incloud dust   collector)73.1573.15114.72  Blasting chamber:Our shot blasting machine is manufactured to satisfy our customers with long life and high operating efficiency.The blast chamber is made using steel plate and structural steel framing through welding process, which offers high rigidity and strength, resultin in extended service life To prevent shots from flying out of the chamber, much attention is given to the sealingstructure of the chamber and door when we design the shot blast machine.  Blasting wheels:In addition, the location of blast wheels is based on the computer three-dimensional dynamic simulation result, which helps ensure all sides of workpieces can be thoroughly and quickly cleaned, thereby increasing efficiency. Features:1. Catenary suspension continuous system shot blasting machine.2. Advanced design, reasonable structure, reliable operation and high efficiency.3. Suitable for the surface cleaning or strengthen of the mass production of medium or small casting, forging and heat treatment workpieces, especially for the field of automobile industry, ractor, diesel engine, electrical machinery and valve industry, etc.

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