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Clay Green Sand Molding Production Line
Tue Oct 18, 2016 13:35

Clay Green Sand Molding Production Line   Equipment introduction: It include the sand treatment and mechanization molding. Sand processing is to provide qualified molding sand and core sand. Mainly composed by the shakeout machine,Website:, vibration conveyor, suspension magnetic separator, magnetic belt conveyor, hoist, fine hexagonal sieve sand machine, boiling cooling bed , sand(accessories) electronic scale, mixed sand machine. With the dust removel system, PLC control system, material position detection system and gas control system to realize the automatic operation and old sand recycling. Mechanization molding include two way: open line and ring type line, connect the poke box and a back box, shape, core,combined type,pouring,cooling station together,and through the PLC control system automatically comlete the transportation and operation of the trolley. Vibration conveyor, cast hanging conveyor, belt conveyor, magnetic separation machine, winding machine, hexagonal mesh, sand library, two-way cooling bed, hoisting machine, belt machine, boiling reclaimer, belt conveyor, hoist, discharger, belt machine, sand library, the disc feeder, belt conveyor, hoist, belt conveyor, exhaust ventilator, accessories, two-way feeder, screw feeder, accessories electronic scale sand mixing machine, belt machine, the disc feeder. TypeGS20-55GS20-75GS22-90GS25-110GS25-132GS28-200Disc diameter(mm)200020002240250025002850Productitive(t/h)25~2825~3235~4040~5050~6060~80Mian motor  power(kw)557590110132200Rotor motor power(kw)2x302x372x452X452X552X55Spindle speed(r/min)31.7231.7227.3227.327.3225.4Rotor speed(r/min)12701270975950950850 Equipment usage: Clay sand clay as binder type configuration (core) sand.Implementation of sand processing mechanization is an important part of casting production.The stand or fall of core sand preparation directly affect the quality of the casting production and the improvement of production and reduce cost;Due to the complexity of blasting process, clay sand treatment and transportation workload is very large, and the environment is very bad, so sand processing mechanization is an important part of the casting production.Sand treating section modeling for core is the main task of the ministry to provide qualified sand and core sand. The working process: This production line is eddy current centrifugal machinery regeneration device.Sand through quantitative device regeneration of high speed rotation plate, under the action of centrifugal force to the wear ring, all round between sand and the wear ring and sand repeatedly between friction and collision, the sand on the surface of the film adhesive has been removed, regeneration after sand from falling between disc wear ring and regeneration, at the same time, and regenerative disc in a shaft of fan drum wind up, forming strong airflow to the whereabouts of sand boil, air separation, go to the film adhesive and dust, satisfy the technological requirements of reclaimed sand.Old sand treatment after the death of low clay content, less the amount of new sand, sand high wet strength, after mixing liquid permeability is good. 

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