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Backward Hydraulic Unloading Platform
Tue Oct 18, 2016 13:36

Backward (rear hinge) hydraulic unloading platform 一.  Application The hydraulic unloading machine is mainly used for automatic unloading of the truck or container which is loading with Aluminum oxide powder, food, feed, plastic particles, wood chips, coke, ore, cement clinker, such as bulk materials , so it’s widely application of ranging from grain and oil, food, feed, coal, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, port and other units and departments of bulk materials receiving operations.  二 . Features: 1、         Safety and reliable operation, to unload vehicles with different tonnage.2、          Manpower saving, short unloading time, high production efficiency and reduce the cost of unloading3、          Automatic operation for the full process, easy operation, reliable working, and matched with scientific control cabinet and  meters.4、         Scientific and reasonable structure, long working period, free maintenance.5、          Multiple fixed for vehicles, big unloading angle   In brief, completely solve the problems such as slow truck unloading, the personnel and air pollution during unloading, high cost of unloading and so on.三.  How to operateWhen the heavy trucks loaded with bulk material fix position in the central platform, the operator in the control room (from the control room can see the unloading platform and vehicle dynamic situation) controls operation button to start hydraulic station, the cylinders go up slowly and synchronously then stop at the certain position. When all the materials are finished unloading, to operate with control button again to make the platform homing steady (cylinder recovery without stroke)the trucks will be driven away from the platform. 四、Compose and specifications: The hydraulic unloading machine is composed with hydraulic control system, electrical control system and platforms and so on. The hydraulic control system is composed by hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve, thermometer, pressure meter, hydraulic circuit and control components. The electrical control system contains control panel and remote control system. Specifications 1. Platform: length: 18m   width:3m  customized size acceptable.2. Weigh : 35T3. Tipping capacity: 60-150T4. Tipping angle: 0-55°5. Tipping speed: ≤7 min6. Rated pressure: ≤16MPa7. Power:  according to user’s power8. Hydraulic oil cooling: wind cooling or water cooling9. Working temperature: <50°10.  Oil model: 32#  in winter    46# in summer 五: Detailed pictures:    url:

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