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Bar Shot Blasting Machines
Tue Oct 18, 2016 13:36

In Line Rod and Bar Shot Blasting Machines Qingdao HACHIEVE. has been doing business more than 20 years. We have hundreds of shot blasting machines and component retrofits in operation in China and abroad serving every industry that utilizes blast cleaning technology.  Manufactured to meet your needs. Systems include:• Structural Steel              • Overhead   Conveyor             • Roller Conveyor             • Work Car    • Steel Drum & Lid• Plate Steel    • Plate Preservation Lines    • Bar & Wire/Coil Steel   • Wind Tower   • Rail Car• Foundry             • Table Blast             • Tumble   Blast             • Spinner   Hanger     Put our experience and expertise in the shot blast industry to work for you! Bar are automatically fed into shot blast cabinet where multiple blast wheel provides through abrasive coverage of the entire surface of the bar. The bars proceed through the blast cabinet, on to a conveyor which automatically transfers discalced bars on to conveyors for further processing. The advantage obtained from rod and bar shot blasting machine are more uniform cleaning, brighter finish and they may be cold drawn, turned, and polished. It saves labor and improves productivity. 1/2 inch to 4 inches. Bar in multiples of 4-8-16 bars are shot blasted at a time in our machine. More than 10 rod & bar shot blasting machines are running successfully in China & Abroad.  Equipment  Main components:  Used to clean steel, wire. It is to the original state of the steel surface subjected to a strong shot, get rid of rust on it, welding slag and oxide, and thus obtain uniform metallic luster, in order to improve the quality and finishing of steel corrosion effects.  This machine is mainly used for bridge construction and manufacturing. In order to ensure the strict requirements to clean up the parts of our key technologies used in the design and ensure the following measures: Impeller design layout using computer simulation, multi-angle, full-cast work pieces, so that uniform coverage of the projectile Using the Swiss GF company's technology to produce type motor direct drive high efficiency impeller, can significantly improve the cleaning efficiency, satisfactory quality and effective clean-up blocking anti-burning motor to avoid the projectile to happen. Separation device using the most advanced overflow sensor, full-screen pill residue curtain flow separation, the separation efficiency of 99.9%. Dual anti-reverse the elevator Insurance Design: First, the use of ratchet pawl wheel drive head to prevent the reversal of institutions, and second drive motor brake motor using anti-reverse. At the same time has lost in the round turn passive detection and alarm devices.  Other roller through type shot blasting macnine     ParameterQ698Q6912Q6915Q6920Q6925Q6930Q6940The effective cleaning width(mm)800120015002000250030004000Dimesion of inlet opening1600*8001200*4001700*4002200*4002700*8003200*8004200*400The length of cleaning workpiece(mm)1200-120001200-16001200-120001200-120003000-120002400-120004500-18000The speed of conveyer(m/min)0.5-40.5-40.5-40.5-40.5-40.5-40.5-4The thickness of cleaning steel sheet (mm)3-603-601.5-603-603-603-1104.5-100Shot ball flow rate (kg/min)4*1204*2504*2506*2506*2506*3608*360The shot ball first loading (kg)40004000400045004500800011000Roll brush adjusting height (mm)200200350450600850900Air capacity(m3/h)22000175601900019550277582805038000Total power (kw)9078.3113.5156.6204.8224.55293.6 We can do all kind of shot blasitng machine according customer's need Before inquiry we hope you can send us the following information with your inquiry letter, so that we send you the technical drawing and technical proposal at the first time!.    1. The max. Length of the workpiece. 2. The max. Width of the workpiece. 3. The max. Height of the workpiece.  4. The productity you need to blasting the workpiece ( how many T or piece per day or per month?) 5. The power supply you need( such as 380V, 3P, 50HZ)  6. Better to send us the workpiece photo or drawing. Equipment photo for reference   Some of our customer and same model machine  Same model machine 1.QXY2500 Steel plate and profile shot blasting and painting line export to Bangladesh in 2011   2.QXY3500 Steel plate and profile shot blasting and painting line export to Turkey in 2012   3.QLY3500 Vertical Steel plate shot blasting  machine export to Saudi Arabia in 2012    url:

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