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Blast Turbines
Tue Oct 18, 2016 13:38

Blast turbines (Blast wheel), impeller head , wheel sand blasting machine Product Description Blasting cleaning technology is currently the most common application of the international community, most economical and most reliable cleaning method. Blast wheel is the key component of the cleaning machine, technical indicators almost all dependent on the performance of blast wheel. Blasting equipment is widely used in sand casting off, casting, forging, welding parts, heat treatment of the surface of clean-up pieces, steel and profiles of the surface pretreatment, as well as to bear the high stress of the spring, spring and gear, such as parts of the surface of parabolic Strengthening pills.Shot blast cleaning is a cleaning device using high-speed long-range shot ball shot ball surface clean-up of non-contact, so the process has been cleared from the workpiece size, shape and weight restrictions. Shot Blast Cleaning Technology is the most common application of the international community, and the most economical and most reliable clean-up (rust) method. Shot Blast Cleaning is the working principle of the kinetic energy shot ball into the surface of the workpiece impact. Shot Blast Cleaning efficiency depends on the number of shot ball, size, speed and direction of impact. Therefore, the blast cleaning machine of economic, technical indicators Shot almost entirely dependent on the performance. All kind of blast turbines (blast wheel) technicalModel No.Vane wheel Dia.Vane Wheel SpeedBlasting speedShot Qty. Kg/minMotor powerHQ03339424607118011SHQ033ZLHQ0343802900731207.5HQ034ZL400296016011HQ034(I,II)42024507425015HQ035(I,II)49226007836022HQ033838029407625015HQ034545026007848030HQ03850023707197075HQ06545721007048030   Company InformationQingdao HACHIEVE. has been doing business more than 20 years. We have hundreds of shot blasting machines and component retrofits in operation in China and abroad serving every industry that utilizes blast cleaning technology.  Manufactured to meet your needs. Systems include:• Structural Steel              • Overhead   Conveyor             • Roller Conveyor             • Work Car    • Steel Drum & Lid• Plate Steel    • Plate Preservation Lines    • Bar & Wire/Coil Steel   • Wind Tower   • Rail Car• Foundry             • Table Blast             • Tumble   Blast             • Spinner   Hanger     Put our experience and expertise in the shot blast industry to work for you!    Our Customer1.Our sales team: 2.Some of our customer.  Ali Certificate   url:

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