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Stone Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine
Tue Oct 18, 2016 13:39

Stone Roller conveyor shot blasting machine  Product Description Features:     Stone blasting machine / natural stone cleaning machine is mainly used for the surface roughness processing of marble, granite, artificial stone, etc., increase the stone surface friction coefficient, improve ornamental value     This machine with continuous feeding and high efficient continuous operation , has large processing batch, in cleaning process,when the workpiece is feeded in the blasting area of chamber by the frequency conversion motor drive roller with electric control ,each side of the whole body gets powerful and intensive shot hit and friction from different coordinate azimuth ,thus make the oxide skin and dirt of the stone surface quickly drop,so as to get around bright and clean surface with certain roughness surface.the shots Falled into the surface of workpiece and the tiny dust and rust was delivered to the projectile circulation system by recycling spiral conveyor , loading/unloading at both sides of chamber outside      In today increasing development of the stone processing technology ,this technology undoubtedly fill up the blank of stone roughness processing ,supply one new try for the stone use, and provide a brand-new field in stone facing materials for building designers. In modern stone industrial field, this newly processing technic must get large develop, with novelty, inexpensive, well-adapted, good decorative charicteristics, the blasting matt surface products will bring out extensive apply spaces.     The machine is suitable for surface treatment of various stone,tile,marble,floor tiles. after treatment ,The stone surface with high non-skid property, good planeness and strong third dimension win good reputation from many clients.      This machine with big batch processing and high efficiency, can produce more than 1200M2 common artificial stone block per shift, even 800 M2 for hardness stone, and leave the hurt to human body by collector treatment, accord with national environmental requirement.    With compact structure, strong and durable, high dust removal efficiency, Good treatment effect, This machine is a good helper for stone processing enterprises. 1. Stone and steel Roller conveyor shot blasting machine   ParameterQ698Q6912Q6915Q6920Q6925Q6930Q6940The effective cleaning width(mm)800120015002000250030004000Dimesion of inlet opening1600*8001200*4001700*4002200*4002700*8003200*8004200*400The length of cleaning workpiece(mm)1200-120001200-16001200-120001200-120003000-120002400-120004500-18000The speed of conveyer(m/min)0.5-40.5-40.5-40.5-40.5-40.5-40.5-4The thickness of cleaning steel sheet (mm)3-603-601.5-603-603-603-1104.5-100Shot ball flow rate (kg/min)4*1204*2504*2506*2506*2506*3608*360The shot ball first loading (kg)40004000400045004500800011000Roll brush adjusting height (mm)200200350450600850900Air capacity(m3/h)22000175601900019550277582805038000Total power (kw)9078.3113.5156.6204.8224.55293.6   2. For steel plate and profile shot blasting and painting NoNameUnitType1Type 2Type 31The width of the workpiecemmUnder 2500under3500Under 4500(plate)2ModelQXY2000,QXY2200,QXY2500QXY3000,QXY3200,QXY3500QXY3500,QXY4000,QXY45003Plate width (Max)mmThe number after  QXYThe number after  QXYThe number after  QXY4Plate thickness3~603~603~1005The smallest section of profilemm*mm60*8060*80------6The largest section of  profilemm*mm1000*3001000*300------7The shortest workpiecemm2400240024008Maximum workpiecemm1200012000120009Conveyor speed m/s1~5(Note)0.5~4(Note)4~6(single)10Derusting Quality LevelISO8501-1,1988Or GB8923-88(Bsa2.5)11Surface roughness  μm40~7040~7040~7012Paint Film thicknessμm15~2515~2515~2513Paint typeQuick-drying-type zinc-rich primerQuick-drying-type zinc-rich primerQuick-drying-type zinc-rich primer14Installed PowerkwAccording to the actual situationAccording to the actual situationAccording to the actual situation15Compressed air consumptionm3/min5~75~75~716Compressed air pressure rangeMPa0.4~0.60.4~0.60.4~0.617The first addition of the shot ballT8~108~1012~16   FAQ  We can do all kind of shot blasitng machine according the customer's need. Before inquiry we hope you can send us the following information with your inquiry letter, so that we send you the technical drawing and technical proposal at the first time!    1. The max. Length of the workpiece. 2. The max. Width of the workpiece. 3. The max. Height of the workpiece.  4. The productity you need to blasting the workpiece ( how many T or piece per day or per month?) 5. The power supply you need ( such as 380V, 3P, 50HZ)  6. Better to send us the workpiece photo or drawing.   Equipment photo:1.Stone shot blasting cleaning machine    2. Belt type shot blasitng cleaning machine for stone  3. Steel pipe shot blasting machine. 4. Vertical type steel plate shot blasting machine.  5.  Stainless steel band shot blating machine  6. Steel plate and profile shot blasting and painting production line Our Customer Loading  url:

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