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Air Conditioning Cover Joint
Tue Oct 18, 2016 13:39

cover joint ZL80/ ZL100/ ZL130/ ZL150COVER JOINT( for air conditioner Installation )Cover Joint is used for connecting two straight ducts in the same line on the same wall.Application:Available for home mounted air-conditioner installation,and 110*78(mm) is general applied for central air-conditioner installation project, for covering the copper pipe lines and wires.Instruction:It is SAK decoration tube, which is mainly used for air conditioner installations, for home or commercial  air conditioners installations.strengthen the refrigerating and warming effect of air-conditioner.Slow-down the insulation pipe aging and connection leakage, Making inside and outside the room to be more beautiful, and in good taste.More convenient and more simple for installation.Product ModelABCZL80886950ZL1001107452ZL1301409880ZL1501589780 url:

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