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Portable Road Surface Shot Blasting Machine
Tue Oct 18, 2016 13:42

Portable road surface shot blasting machine Applied range of shot blasting machine  1.airport runway plastic remove2.steel structure surface treatment and rust remove3.bridge nursing4.floor engineering base surface treatment5.the highway project conservation6.municipal road works in conservation7.the hull surface maintenance rust removing8.zebra stripe tanks conservation remove rust and paint10.conservation of other surface treatments  HCLM shot blasting machine  is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly method for preparing concrete and steel surfaces. This labor-saving and time-saving process strips, cleans and profiles at the same time. It leaves the surface immediately ready for the application of coatings or overlays. 1. Concrete: --Prepares concrete for recoating or application of overlays;--Removes markings, dirt and old coatings;--Prepares parking lots and garage decks;--Can be used on airport runways, on bridge decks, on highways, etc; 2. Steel:--Removes paint, rust, mill scale and marine growth;--Cleans ship decks, aircraft carrier decks and offshore platforms;--Removes nonskid coatings;--Prepares other surfaces like petroleum and water storage tank; 3. Other surfaces:--Cleans brick and stone;--Removes paint from pavement and markings from asphalt surfaces. Our advantages: High efficiency—80-450 square meters per hour; Environmentally friendly and low emission---automatic dust collecting system;  Low cost—less than  a cent per square meter; Great feedback from our clients. Working principle of the shot blasting machine  Blasting is finished by mechanical methods (steel shot or grit) projectile at a high speed and a certain angle to the work surface, let out the impact surface and the inside of the machine by supporting the air flow of the vacuum cleaner cleaning action, impurities out and clean up can be separately recycled, can be used again and blast technology. The machine is equipped with dust, dust-free, pollution-free construction, improve efficiency, and protect the environment.Machine operation by control and select blast of particle size, shape, and walking speed of adjustment and control equipment, flow control pill projectile, projectiles from different intensities to varying effects of surface treatment.   HCLM series  parameters:                                      Our standard and customized productsApplicationModelsHCLM200HCLM250HCLM550HCLM800customizedSurface cleaning of concrete floors (airport runaways, bridge decks,   highways, etc), steel floors( ship decks and offshore platforms, etc)Effective cleaning width (mm)200250550800customizedProductivity on concrete(m2/h)80120300450customizedTravel speed (m/min)0.5-230.5-230.5-250.5-20customizedDust Collecting SystemBlowback cartrige filtersBlowback cartrige filtersBlowback cartrige filtersBlowback cartrige filterscustomizedTravel typeHorizontal, self-propelledHorizontal, self-propelledHorizontal, self-propelledHorizontal, self-propelledcustomizedOverall dimension (mm)1300*400*9001600*430*10162050*720*14602150*980*1450customizedWeight (kg)160335595770customized  url:

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