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Slotted Angle Shelving
Tue Oct 18, 2016 13:51

Slotted Angle Shelving Maxrac® Slotted Angle has been designed to meet all storage needs in industry, workshops, warehouses, shops, etc. This shelving system covers all criteria, from long term planned requirements to the most urgent demands where a rapid turn around is necessary. The loading capacity varies from light to heavy duty.Maxrac® Slotted Angle shelving can be achieved with ease allowing the system to be extended in width and height. This feature together with its easy installation–requiring no special tools–makes the Maxrac® Slotted Angle system ideal for manual warehousing.  The system can be further extended by adding decking or gangways accessed by pre-assembled staircases to meet the growing and changing needs of the business. Nominal Bay Size     Angle Post Standard Slotted Angle          Heavy-duty Slotted Angle                             Slotted Steel Shelves The shelves used are manufactured in cold-rolled steel plate of the highest quality and finished with painted at high temperature. Its different sizes allow various combinations that make the shelving adaptable to a wide variety of products.        ST Shelves Maxrac® ST shelves can be completely mutual buckled with each other, Not only reduce delivery cost, in the meanwhile it can avoid damage during long distance shipping transportation. one shelf can be Generally used on Slotfix shelving, Tri-shelving and slotted angle shelving.Accessories Maxrac® has a complete range of accessories available to adapt your specific needs. url:

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