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Bovine Legumain (LGMN) ELISA Kit
Tue Oct 18, 2016 14:05

Bovine Legumain (LGMN) ELISA kitCat NO.:SL0072BoProduct Type:ELISAProduct Spec:96TSample Volume:50ulWavelength:450nmAssay range:68pg/ml -4000 pg/mlSensitivity:31pg/mlQualitative: Standard:5400pg/mlOrganism species:BovinePrice:$528Goods Brief:Notes:1.Store the kit at 4°C upon receipt.The kit should be equilibrat4ed to room temperature before the assay. Remove any unneeded strips from Human MUSK Antibody-Coated plate, reseal them in zip-lock foil and keep at 4°C.2.Precipitates may appear in concentrated washing buffer. Please heat the buffer to dissolve all the precipitates, which will not affect the results.3.Accurate pipette should be used to avoid experimental error. Samples should be added to the Microplate in less than 5 minutes. If a large number of samples are included, multiple channel pipette is recommended.4.Standard curve should be included in every assay. Replicate wells are recommended. If the OD value of the sample is greater than the first well of standards, please dilute the sample (n times) before test. When calculating the original MUSK ?concentration, please multiply the total dilution factor (XnX5).5.In order to avoid cross-contamination, Microplate sealers are for one-time use only. 6.Please keep Substrate away from light.7.All the operation should be accordance with the manufacturer's instructions strictly. The results determined by the Microtiter Plate Reader.8.All the samples, washing buffer and wastes should be treated as infectious agents.9.Reagents from different lots should not be mixed. url:

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