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Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Panel Making Machine
Tue Oct 18, 2016 14:11

AAC panel machine Main descriptionAutoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is a siliceous material (sand,Website:, fly ash and silicon tailings such as waste porcelain clay, stone processing waste materials, blast furnace slag, etc.)and calcareous materials (lime, cement) as the main raw material, mixing fat gas agent (aluminum powder), by ingredients, mixing, casting, pre-raising, cutting, autoclave, curing process made of light porous silicate products, because by the hair contains a lot of gas even after the small pores, hence the name of aerated concrete. Production Process:1. Preparing Material.Matching raw materials and put them into mixer, mix them even with water.2. MouldingPour the mixture into mould and pre-curing the mixture under certaintemperature until the mixture has certain hardness.3. Forming Blanka. Turn the solid with mouldb. Unload the mould but mould bottom remained.(then the mould turns back)c. Cut the solid into blank4. Hardening Blank to End Producta. Hang the blank and bottom onto the hardening car by semi-production hanger.b. Pull the hardening car into autoclave and harden the blank to brick under high temperature.5. Packinga. Hang the end products to be stacked or loaded and packed.b. The mould bottom returned and re-from with the mould (in step (3)) preparing for next circulation.

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