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Fiber Cement Tile/Sheet Making Machine
Tue Oct 18, 2016 14:11

Fiber cement roof tile machine 1.1 Main specification:L * W * T: 3000 x 920 x 6mm. (Special sizes can be custom-made specially.)The common size: wave height is 40mm and wave pitch is 150mm or wave height is 51mm,Website:, and wave pitch is 177mm. 1.2 Main parameter:ItemUnitDataDensityg/cm30.9-1.20Flexural StrengthMPa>9Heat Conductivityw/m. k<0.29Shock ResistancekJ/mm2>2.0Screw Withdrawal ForceN/mm<0.2Non-inflammabilityComplying with GB8624A, inflammable1.3 Others of Fiber Cement roof tile machine(1) Theoretical capacity: 9000m2/day(2) Pre-curing time: 12h(3) Daily productive time: 20h(4) Reserve of main raw materialDosage of fiber material should be supported for 7days.Dosage of powdery material such as cement, quartz powder should be supported for 3days.1.4 Basic requirement for quality of raw materials:Limestone: SiO2≥80%, Fineness: ≥ 200 pore, sieve <10%Cement: ordinary Portland cement with grade of above 32.5.Fiberglass: fineness is 0.088mm; length is 15-30mm.Fiber: asbestos or wood pulp or construction PP fiber.Pulp: unbleached sulfate needle wood pulp or kraft pulp, pulping degree is 20 ~70°SRAbove mentioned contents are basic requirements for raw material. In some case, different raw materials also can produce qualitied products, we will confirm according to the raw materials after being analyzed.1.5 Raw materialsThe common proportion of material for fiber cement tile as follows:Cement 50%, limestone powder 30%-40%, asbestos fiber 6%-8%, pulp fiber 4%-5%, and fiberglass 1%If no asbestos tile, the proportion of materials as follows:Cement 50%, limestone powder 30%-40%, wood pulp 8%, pulp fiber 8%, and fiberglass 1%

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