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High Frequency Welding Pipe Machine
Tue Oct 18, 2016 14:14

High Frequency Pipe Welding MachineMain Description High frequency pipe welding machine has been widely used to produce welded tube and corresponding square pipe and profiled pipe. The composition of equipment is from uncoiler to cutting saw. Rolling speed can be adjusted correspondingly within suitable range of tube diameter and wall thickness. They are made of best materials. Steady, durable and long life, automatic control, easy to operate, easy to replace moulds, save working hour and high efficiency.Main PrincipleOur production machinery uses roll forming theory to coil long steel strip of a certain specification into pipe barrel without any intermittence and form longitudinal seam joint under the force of squeeze roller. And it use induction welding to heat longitudinal seam.That is feed steel strip of a certain specification into the machine and coil it into pipe blank though forming roller. Then under skin effect and proximity effect of high frequency electric current, the current will be concentrated on the bond surface of the pipe fringe, welding it into pipe bank quickly. After cooling, sizing and broad straightening, the needed pipe will be produced.  ItemOutside Diameter(mm)Thickness(mm)Production Rate(m/min)SP-16Φ 7.6-160.3-1.00-120SP-20Φ 10-250.3-1.50-120SP-32Φ 13-380.6-1.80-120SP-45Φ 16-500.7-2.00-110SP-50Φ 20-63.50.8-3.00-90SP-60Φ 25-761.0-3.20-80SP-76Φ 32-891.2-3.750-80SP-89Φ 35-1001.2-4.50-75SP-125Φ 50-1302.0-5.00-60SP-165Φ 76-1652.0-6.00-50SP-219Φ 89-2193.0-8.00-50SP-273Φ 100-2734.0-12.00-45SP-325Φ140-3253.0-12.740SP-406Φ140-4064.0-16.040SP-508Φ219-5084.0-19.140SP-610Φ273-6104.0-19.140SP-660Φ273-6604.0-22.040 url:

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