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Waterproofing Membrane
Tue Oct 18, 2016 14:14

Waterproofing MembraneMain DescriptionElastomer (SBS) Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane is a kind of flexible sheet waterproof material using Stylene-Butadiene-Stylene(SBS) thermoplastic elasticModified bitumen as dipping and coating material, and the filler base is based on polyester felt,Glass fiber felt and glass fiber reinforced polyester felt, with the upper surface covered by isolation materials, such as polyethylene film, fine sand, mineral slice (or particle). National Standard GB 18242-02008 "Elastomer Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane".Classified by filler base: Polyester filler(PY), glass fiber filler(G) and glass fiber reinforced polyester filler(PYG)Classified by upper surface isolation materials: Polyethylene film(PE), fine sand(S) and mineralParticle (M)Classified by lower surface isolation materials: Fine sand (S)(note: the mineral particle with the fine sand diameter not more than 0.6mm) and polyethylene film(PE)Classified by the physical and mechanical properties: Type Ⅰand Type Ⅱ. Main Specification (Nominal width of material is 1000mm)Nominal Thickness345Filler base typePY,GPY,GPY,PYGUpper surface materialPESMPESMPESMLower surface materialPEPE,SPEPE,SPEPE,SArea/(m2/roll)10107.5Main ApplicationWaterproofing for various industrial and civil construction engineering construction projects;Waterproofing and dampproofing for underground constructions of industrial and civil construction engineering; and waterproofing for indoor swimming pool and fire pool etc;Waterproofing for municipal engineering such as subway, tunnel, concrete road surface, bridgeSurface, sewage works and refuse landfill etc.Waterproofing for water conservancy facilities like canal and water pool etc. url:

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