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Waterproofing Coating
Tue Oct 18, 2016 14:15

Waterproofing coatingMain descriptionSpray Rapid Hardening High Elastic Rubber Bitumen Waterproofing Coating consist of component A(high elastic rubber modified bitumen) and component B(hardening accelerator). It use the dedicated equipment to carry out mechanical construction, and the two components are atomized through the nozzles and form a fan shaped cross contacting, high speed mixing, and spraying on the base, by this way they form a macromolecule elastic coating film in a short time.Classified into TypeⅠ, Type Ⅱ,Type Ⅲ according to its properties Advantages1. Double components, professional mechanized spraying construction, film forming rapidly.Super seepage power and binding force, waterproof film integrated with base to achive "Skin Type" water resistance really, self-healing,  no water fleeing.2. Excellent tensile performance: Elong at break ≥1800%, tensile strength≥2MPa, retention rate is higher than 95%.3. Good bonding strength: The peeling strength with concrete is ≥0.4MPa.4. Good water resistance : The film formed after spraying is able to stand with high water pressure,The highest resistance of static water pressure is 3 MPa for one hour.5. Good thermal resistance: Excellent low temperature flexibility. It adjusts to low temperature flexibility at the range of -5 to 40 ℃, at the same time this product has thermal resistance at 160℃ and above, be adaptive to waterproof engineering of road and bridge and burning hot region.6. Perfect chemical resistance, good aging resistance, environmentally friendly and safe. Main applicationApplied to waterproof and protecting engineering of road, bridge, reservoir, culvert and other waterworks, as well as waterproof projects of basement, roof and color steel roof etc. optional low temperature property products are available according to special engineering requirements. For each millimeter thick film, coating dosage weight is about 1.9kg/m2. url:

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