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Polycarbonate Thermoclick Sheet Daylighting System
Tue Oct 18, 2016 14:20

Typical applications include:Industrial SidewallsCommercial side walls greenhouseRailway/Metro stationInterior decorationStadium and AirportWe are professional thermoclick sheet factory and supplier in China. We can produce thermoclick sheet according to your requirements.More types of thermoclick sheet wanted,Website:, please contact us right now!Daylight system is one of the best innovations for saving electricity and using natural light in the effective manner. We provide the daylighting system for homes, offices and other commercial buildings. Daylight System is advantageous as use of natural light improves productivity and do not hinder work due to power failure. Natural daylight is beneficial for physical and mental well being of the occupants.Polycarbonate Thermoclick Sheet:Product SpecificationProduct NameThermoclick Sheet/Thermoclick System/Daylighting System/Roofing System/PC Plugboard/Polycarbonate PlugboardProfile StructureEight-Layer Rectangle StructureStandard SizeWidth*Length(mm)500*6000/500*12000Non-standard SizeWidth*Length(mm)500Width*ALL Customized Length Easy To TransportationColorNormal ColorTransparent/Clear/Opal/Blue/Green/Green-Blue/Bronze/Browm/Smoky-greySpecific ColorTranslucent/Adiabatic Silvery/Red/Yellow/Black/Diffuse White/othe Color of Diffuse Plane/All Color of GlitteringPackaging MethodPE Film Both Side/Tape-sealingTypical Physical PropertiesThichnessStandard WeightRib-DistanceHeat Transfer CoefficientUV- Protection layerUV-transmissionClear Color Light TransmissionOpal Color Light TransmissionCoefficient of Thermal ExpansionmmKg/m2mmW/m2Kum%%%10-5/°C355.2201.47>5006020-35%6.5385.6201.43>5005920-35%6.5406201.41>5005820-36%6.5Product ApplicationIndustrial Roofing,Patio Covering,ShedsPatio Covering,ShedsWalkways,Carports,SunroomsDaylighting

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