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PSM Ring Roll
Tue Oct 18, 2016 14:32

Product specification:Diameter:Φ300-Φ520Roll width:40-130mmProduct performance:HRC61~63The groove life is same as tungsten carbide roll while the redressing                 amount is about 1.2-1.6 times that of a tungsten carbide roll.Roll material: Tungsten-Molybdenum serial high carbon high Vanadium steel with total alloy amount at 20~25%W16:  W EQ=16 —— Reaches W EQ of HSS (WEQ >15)All other tool steel roll WEQ is below 15,Website:,similar to that of Mould steelWEQ = W PERCENTAGE + 2 x Mo PERCENTAGE.Single piece casting,density=8.05x103kg/m3.Properties:No chemical segregationUniform base material, stable microstructureUniform hardness(HRC±1)、low attenuationExcellent red-hardness, wear resistance and impact load capacityNo cracking nor pitting during rollingUniform wear along the groove, smooth groove surface

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