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Enactus-T0RT0RV AES T0RT0RV, Roplan R53, Roten LP3P, Sterlin
Tue Oct 18, 2016 15:09

Structure Description:Equivalent to AES T0R, AES T0RV mechanical seal Seals to suit APV Pumps ZMA, ZMB, ZMD, ZMH, ZMK & ZMSOperating Limits:Temperature:-10℃ to +120℃Pressure: ≤1.5MPaSpeed: ≤12m/sMaterials: Stationary Ring:Silicon Carbide, Carbon ,TC, Rotary Ring:Carbon ,Silicon Carbide,TCSecondary Seal:EPDM,VitonSpring and Metal Parts:304/316Enactus -T0R/SS-T0RV Dimensions(mm)SizecodeD2D3L2200.20030.0040.609.8250.25035.0045.409.8300.30042.0057.0013 url:

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