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D5000 Digital Readout
Tue Oct 18, 2016 15:40

•D5000 digital readoutFeatures: ● Nonlinear compensation in Digital Readout can reach to 100 point per axis,Website:, thus to sharply improve measuring accuracy. ● 32-bit CPU computer technology is adopted, making the processing speed faster, more stable and function more powerful. ●Cast aluminum alloy closure is adopted for D5000, which can effectively resist electromagnetic interference and protect electronic circuit to steadily operate with good heat dissipation effect and strong impact resistance.●World’s top chip components are adopted for the whole series of DRO, making counting more stable, capacity of resisting disturbance stronger, and service life longer.● Double 3M panel is adopted as operating panel of D5000, which is sturdy and durable, and whose theoretic service life could reach to 1million times. ●More function of humanization design for D5000:Power-off memory of current position can last as long as 10 years without battery. ●DC-15V highly stable power supply is adopted, thus to use the DRO securely and stably, as well as reduce energy consumption.●Ultra-slim design, with smaller size, which is more convenient to use.Functions of D5000 Digital Readout● Looking for machine origin● 100 groups of segmented repair ● 100 groups of SDM manufacture coordinates● Oblique lines hole● mm/inch● Resetting and setting at any point● Power-off memory● ABS/NC coordinate● Circumferential hole● Linear error correction● Parting in the middle of coordinate● Radius/diameter conversion● Adjustable transformation of resolution ratioSpecification parameters for D5000 Digital Readout●External dimension:  Width:240mm,Height:140mm,Thickness:24mm●Power adapter:DC15V  3A●Input voltage:AC100-240V,50-60HZ●Maximum power:15W●Working temperature:0℃-45℃●Storage temperature:  -20℃-50℃●Relative humidity:  <80%●Weight:  1.25kg●Number of axis:2,3●Linear encoder interface: DB9 ●Signal input: Linear encoder/Micro-grid (sensor)  ●Resolution ratio of D5000:  5、10、20、50um●Resolution ratio of micro-grid DRO: 1、2、5、10um External dimension of D5000Installation diagram●Mosaic open(Width/Height)●Installation method

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