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5um Optical Linear Encoder
Tue Oct 18, 2016 15:41

•EA5 optical linear encoderUsing the techniques of optical glass moire fringe and photovoltatic conversion,Website:, and a half seal designing,grating linear scale has certain waterproof and dustproof function , mainly used for lathe ,milling machine,grinding machine,EDM,W-EDM. It works with D100 Digital Readout.Features:1. Long-distance transmission: over 100 meters. There is no need to add any interface between.2. Multi-layer isolating graticule and medal soft shell are adopted to protect sliding part from water and interference. 3. Aluminum alloy is adopted for ruler body, and handled by anodization. Die casting zinc alloy is adopted for ruler head part, and plated with chromium, which is corrosion resistance.4. Special type of plastic adhesive is adopted for dust -proof strip, with the performance of corrosion resistance, scuffing resistance and small friction resistance. 5. Certain performance of dust proof and water proof. 6. The grating linear scale adopts optical glass as measuring standard, therefore the accuracy of grating scale with short distance of run is comparatively high. Specification parameters:Effective travel: EA1/EA5:50mm-1200mm,ES1/ES5:1300mm-3000mmPrecision:EA1/EA5: precision level: ±(3+3L0/1000) um, standard level: ±(5+3L0/1000) umVoltage:DC5VResolution: 0.001mm/0.005mmDistance between gratings: 0.02mmWorking speed: EA5/ES5  60m/min, EA1/ES1  20m/minOutput signal: TTL ,RS422External dimensions Plugs of grating linear scaleOutput signal of grating linear scale

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