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Signal Converter
Tue Oct 18, 2016 15:41

•SPA15-5 signal converter for EP15Product application:The product converts complicated EP15 series linear encoder signal to universal quadrature encoder signal, facilitating PLC, numerical control system connection with spherical linear encoder, so as to achieve precision displacement measurement and full-closed loop control. Parameters:●External dimensions:106(L)×71(W)×22(H)mm●Supply voltage: DC15~24V               ●Power (include EP15 series linear encoder): ≤2W●Signal cycle: 20 um                 ●Reference point distance: 12.7 mm    ●Displacement resolution : 5 um(×4 mode)  ●Maximum operating speed (design): 120m/min   The test have been done:●This parameter is applicable to E15 series linear encoder.●Servo motor has a maximum speed of 5000 round per minute; ball screw pitch is 10mm; therefore, the highest speed in our platform only can reach to 30m/min. PLC is Delta’s DVP16EH00T3.Signal converter connected with PLC, numerical control system:●SPA15-5 is connected with PLC, numerical control system that has differential input (RS422) QEI interface, and output original signal A+, A-, B+, B-, R+, R- as follows:● SPA15-5 is connected with PLC, numerical control system that has optocoupler input QEI interface.External dimension of SPA15-5 url:

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