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10 KV Current Transformers
Tue Oct 18, 2016 15:53

LDZC-10 High Precision Current TransformerLDZC-10/24/35 high-precision current transformerGeneral description
 LDZC high precision current transformer is suitable for current measurement and protection of distribution equipments in 35kV and 10kV AC power system. It is widely used in compact fully insulated ring main unit such as Safe Ring/Safe Plus,Website:, RM6/SM6, SVS, GA/GE, FB, SS and so on because of its small volume, light weight, and convenient installment.
 New magnetic material is taken to be the core of the current transformer, which has high magnetic permeability, low saturation induction density and good stability. Therefore, the measuring accuracy is higher and the instrument security factor is lower. Since the high quality silicon steel sheet metal processed by advanced technology is taken to be the core of the protection windings, the accuracy limit factor will be higher.
 The circular ring core and secondary windings are vacuum poured by high quality epoxies resin in the fire retardant plastic casing, which has the characteristic of moisture proof, stable performance and dispensing with maintenance. The cable can cross the current transformer through its internal poles quickly and uniformly.
 The current transformers can be divided several kinds according to the various current ratio, accuracy and rated loads. The specific parameters are showed in the corresponding parameter tables of every type.Type designationType codeProduct codeTechnical dataRated frequency:                        50Hz or 60Hz;Rated secondary current:                5A or 1A;Rated short-time thermal current:       40kA,1s;Rated continuous thermal current:       120%In;Continuous power-frequency voltage       3kV , 1min;  Instrument security factor:             FS≤10Application conditionAmbient temperature:                   -250C-+400C,Average temperature of day:             ≤400C.Altitude:                               ≤3000mPollution class:                         IIIProduct overviewType codeProduct codeDimensions (mm)Primary current(A)Weight(kg)Applicable cableLDZC-10LC10□100045040φ100×φ45×4075-6000.85400LC10□100045080φ100×φ45×8040-6002.4400LC10□135045070φ135×φ45×7020-6004.2400LC10□135045140φ135×φ45×14020-6009400LC10□120100038100120×100×100×φ3820-4002.4150LC10□120100038120120×100×120×φ3820-4003150LC10□120100050100120×100×100×φ5050-10001.5500LC10□120100050120120×100×120×φ5050-10003.4500LDZC-24LC24□120100062120120×100×120×φ6250-10002.1400LC24□130116062080130×116×80×φ6250-6003400LDZC-35LC35□135075070φ135×φ75×7050-6001.8400LC35□135075140φ135×φ75×14050-6003.7400All kinds of current transformers of different specifications and parameters can be made according to the client’s demands.Wiring diagrams:            Single winding                          Double windingsLDZC-10 high-precision current transformerLC10□100045040Product TypeMeasuring CTProtection CTProduct CodeLC10C100045040LC10P100045040Ratio
     I1 / I2Acc. class and rated load(VA)Acc. class and rated load(VA)0.2S0.20.510P1010P1510P2075/11.51100/ drawing       Download the specifications of more types of 10KV Current TransformersSwitchgear 10kv CT Download.pdfHyliton Power Technology is one of the largest and experienced manufacturers and suppliers of high-tech products in China who can offer you advanced and high quality 10 kv current transformers OEM at competitive price. Welcome to order our CE 10 kv current transformers made in China.

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