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Carbon Fiber Packing Impregnated In Graphite
Tue Oct 18, 2016 19:12

 Carbon fiber packing impregnated in graphite is diagonally braided from pure carbon fibres, with a special graphite impregnation and a silicone-free lubricant. It lacks the usual stiffness of pure carbon packings, it has superb thermal conductivity and a very low coefficient of friction. Contrary to many packings made from synthetic fibres, it does not shrink, even if subjected to high temperature: no shrinkage at temperatures of up to 300°C thanks to its outstanding dimensional stability. Because of the excellent chemical and mechanical properties of carbon, this packing is resistant against most aggressive and abrasive media.    
 Application areas:
 Multi-purpose packing usable for a very wide range of applications. Particularly well suited for all demanding dynamic applications, like boiler-feed-pumps, mixers, agitators, refiners, etc., but also for static applications like valves, autoclaves, reactors, etc., in a wide variety of industries like power stations, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, the chemical and petrochemical industry and many more.    
 Application media:
 It can be used with nearly all media, from hot and cold water, waste water, alcohol, solvents, to aggressive chemicals and gases, heat transfer agents etc.    
 Because its coefficient of thermal expansion is similar to that of steel, it needs minimal adjustments of the gland which reduces maintenance expenditure. The very low coefficient of friction results in low shaft wear and assures regular running of pump.    
 Not suitable for: Highly concentrated corrosive acids.    
 Technical data: RotatingReciprocatingValvesPressure3 Mpa10 Mpa30 MpaShaft speed:15m/s rotaryTemperature-150℃to +850℃PH range0~14 url:

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