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PAN Fiber Braided Packing Pan Fiber Packing WIth Four Silico
Tue Oct 18, 2016 19:14

PAN Fiber Packing with Rubber CoreRubber core can absorb vibration, to control leakage, suitable for worn-out pumps.Typical Application>Wide variety of uses throughout a plant> Pumps and valves, and can handle more chemicals except strong acid, strong alkali and strong oxidizerPrime Features> especially for condition of middle temperature, pressure, speed> Contamination is not permitted conditions.Technical DataMaterial 100% PAN fiber and PTFE Temperature Range-50 up to +260 oC atmosphere;ProcessRotating20 barReciprocating80 barStatic100 barShaft Speed20m/s in rotaryPH1~13Density1.3 g/cm3 url:

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