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Automatic Electrostatic Spray Gun
Sat Nov 26, 2016 22:03

Hengyi Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional automatic electrostatic spray gun manufacturer, factory, plant and supplier, we are always at your service.The new 3026 automatic liquid electrostatic spray gunNew 3026 to adopt advanced technology for high voltage static electricity, according to the principle of mechanical design is more suitable for Asian handheld operation habit,High voltage generator is close to the gun nozzle can reduce the wastage of the electrostatic increase the rate of painting and safety performance, do not need reoccupy bulky between host and spray gunHigh voltage cable connection making operations more flexible and more relaxed, reduce the risk of high voltage cable leakage, the unique design of the gun without toolsWithout professional have member can fast conversion fan with circular nozzle, super light of electrostatic spray gun (about 430 grams) make your job easier.3026 automatic liquid electrostatic spray gunApplication: automobile parts, panel, control panel, heavy machinery, home appliance parts, steel furniture, woodworking, gold-plated protection, and other productsHigh production efficiencyOrdinary air spray gun after atomization, only from the front of coating, electrostatic spray gun does not need accurate alignment of paint, and its good effect of electrostatic surrounded, can great improve the coating efficiency.Save the coating.Ordinary air spray gun atomization pressure usually takes 5-8 kg, utilization rate of coatings are generally in 15-30%, our professional designers to design the high low pressure spray liquefaction performance of the nozzle, can greatly reduce the atomizing pressure, the general working pressure just 2-4 jins, can reach the effect of atomization, after a fine spray coating particles under the action of electrostatic field force, not only work but also from the side and back of bread from the front cover, so as to greatly improve the utilization rate of coating 50-80%Easy to operateUse of a special plastic composite materials, gun with super light, and long time operation will not be tired.Easy to maintainSpecially designed components, extremely durable, tear open outfit is convenient, seal the usual abnormal cleaning and maintenance is simple.Strong and durableUsing special plastic rubber composite material, special leak proof material, long service life.Wide applicabilitySuitable for most coatings, waterborne coatings and conductive coating gold attributes or can be applied.Safety performance is highThe function of high voltage generator with automatic safeguards in the case of over current, can high speed cutting of high voltage, thus effectively protect the safety of equipment and operation. url:

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