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Steel Wire Magnetical Separator
Sun Nov 27, 2016 13:55

Magnetic SeparatorA.electrical magnet separatorFunctionRubber,carbon black,steel and fiber are the main component for the new tires.There is 5-30% steel contained for different kinds of tires.Steel in tire has two different conditions,one is  big steel,we call bead wire;another one is smaller steel wire which mixed with rubber and back in the carcass and steel belt.During tire shredding,these steel wire will be shredded to be small wire.And the electrical magnetical steel wire separator is used to to separate steel wire from the rubber compound(usually rubber granules size vary from 6-18mm),it is the first magnet separation stage in tyre recycling plantParametersNoModelLCX-1600LCX-1200LCX-8001Broadband of excitation           (mm)4504504502Rating height of excitation         (mm)≤180≤180≤1803Thickness of material             (mm)≤20≤20≤204Speed of band(m/s)≤4.5≤4.5≤4.55Power(Kw)1116Gear motor power             (Kw) of magnetic field         (mT)7070708Overall dimension                    (L×W×H) mm2600×900×5502600×700×550950×500×5509Machine Weight(kg)600550450B.Roller magnet separatorFunctionThe single roller magnet separator is used to separate steel wire from the rubber compound(usually rubber powder size vary from 10-40mesh).This is the second stage for steel wire separation.Main parametersNoModelDGCX-420BCX-7201Width of the magnetic separator(mm)4007002Height of the magnetic separator (mm)≤50≤503Thickness of material (mm)≤20≤204Quantity of magnet (pcs)1202045Speed of roller (Rpm)36366Intensity of magnetic field (GS)12000120007Gear motor power(Kw)0.20.28Overall Dimension (L×W×H mm)645×680×435934×680×4359Machine Weight (kg)150196Steel wire&recycled rubber granules  Recycled tire steel wire                   Recycled rubber granules                   Recycled rubber powder99.9% steel can be seprated url:

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