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PTFE Aqueous Dispersion
Wed Nov 30, 2016 11:03

HAIFLONTM PTFE Aqueous DispersionCAS No.:9002-84-0Grades and characteristics:‍‍‍‍Grade‍‍Characteristics‍‍SD-401ImpregnatingSD-402N-1No PFOA, impregnatingSD-402NNo NPEO/OPEO, Repeatedly impregnating sinteredSD-402HNo PFOA, No NPEO/OPEO, Repeatedly impregnating sinteredSD-402LLow PFOA, impregnatingSpecifications: No.ItemIndexSD-401SD-402N-1SD-402NSD-402HSD-402L1Kinematic viscosity, (25℃±0.1℃),mm2/S6~142Density,g/cm³1.5±0.23Solid content,%57~634Emulsifier content,%4~105PH7~10Application:Glass cloth impregnating, spinning, coatingPacking, Storage & Transportation1. It is packed in plastic drums, net weight is 25kgs or 1MT per drum. 2. Proposed storing temperature range is 10℃~30℃. 3. Stir the stored product once a week to avoid any possible precipitation. Keep away from coldness, heat and strong shock. 4. keep ventilating while sintering temperature is above 300℃. Processing temperature above 400℃ is prohibited.5. The shelf life of one year from the date of production, storage period every 15 days and enable the goods to a slight shake. Over the storage period in accordance with the standard re-examination, if they meet the standard requirements, you can still use. url:

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