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Fluorocarbon Solvent
Wed Nov 30, 2016 11:05

Fluorocarbon solventProduct descriptionFluorocarbon solvent, a perfluorocarbon cyclic ether mixture, is of colorless and clear liquid, without odor, toxicity and inflammability, This product is not soluble in water, but in oxygen-containing organic solvents such as alcohol, ether and ketone      Fluorocarbon solvent has good oxygen carrying property, and excellent electric properties with low constant, high resistance and low power factor, widely used in the fields of chemical industry, electric, and medical treatment.ItemUnitHigh Quality ProductAppearance/Colorless and clear liquidBoiling Range℃80-120Distillate Content%≥95Density (23℃±1℃)g/ml1.73-1.78PH Value/5-7Moistureppm≤100ApplicationIt is used as cooling medium or insulation fluid, spacer fluid, lubricant, cleanser and chemical reaction medium in different electric equipment.Packaging, Transportation and Storage1.Packed in steel plastic barrels or plastic barrels in net weights of 200kg, 100kg, 50kg and 20kg, with Certificate of Quality for each one.2.Lining plastic barrels must be loaded and unloaded lightly, avoiding vibration and collision. Should store in a place away from fire, heat source and exposure to sun.3.This product is transported as non-dangerous chemical, keeping from heat or violent vibration. Should be equipped with sunshade device in summer, protecting form exposure to sun.  url:

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