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Double Tubes Dyeing Machine(2-5KG),All Match Dyeing Machine,
Wed Nov 30, 2016 19:06

Medium batch dyeing machine Product characteristics:1.switching inspection hole with large aperture for convenient monitor and maintenance.2.Fully automatic lint cutting system to reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency.3.Original Italy water pump to ensure the highest efficiency and lowest fault.4.Full stainless steel valve with German technology, with the advantage of durable and smart appearance and easy cleaning.5.Large diameter glass perspective chamber which is beautiful and safe .6.Exclusive choice of round reducer which can improve the efficiency up to 20% and have durable and smart appearance.7.Adopt the German original control system with simple operation and powerful function and neat surface.8.Multi-functional indirect auxiliary and dyestuff heating system to ensure accurate and easy cleaning.(Model)LMHNDYB-YL-2532702340236022001300YB-YL-5035702490256025001600YB-YL-10039702840286031002000 url:

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