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High Temperature Airflow Dyeing Machine, HighTemperature Air
Wed Nov 30, 2016 19:06

High-Temperature Air Atomization Fabric Dyeing Machine KN SeriesHigh-temperature air atomization fabric dyeing macaine adopts air dynamics principles to inject mixed-air generated from the built-in blower into the nozzle,to merge with dye liquor transported by main pump and eject atomized dye liquor on fabric, thereby stimulating the fabric, transport accordingly.ADVANTAGE:
 ◆ Lowest liquor ratio of 1:2.8, reduces the energy consumption, saves auxiliaries and reduces the cost for waste water treatment.
 ◆ Unique nozzlo designed, improve rinsing efficiency, shorten rinsing time and reduce water consumption, suitable for more fabric ranges with best even dyeing result.
 ◆ Unique high efficiency blower with low noise, shock coefficient is 2.3 mm/s, noise coefficient is less than 100 decibel. It is stable and reliable and ensures smooth running for fabrics.
 ◆ Two types of fabric circulation: 1. Controlled by speed. 2. Controlled by cycle time, reduce shade differences among tubes and improve the repeatability.
 ◆ Multi-purpose stock tank for dosing dyes and glauber salt simultaneously, which improves the efficiency. For cotton dyeing with reactive dyes in dark shade, the whole process for pre-treatment, dyeing and post-treatment process is shortened to 6-7 hours. 
 ◆ SETEX 777CE controller with unique self-designed easy-operation software ensures powerful function, stable and reliable system, interference-resistance.KN STANDARD FEATURE:
 ◆ Unique designed trough with teflon rod at the bottom of it;
 ◆ Unique designed adjustable injector device and atomization system;
 ◆ High efficiency blower(inverter controlled) and circulation pipes for blower;
 ◆ Equipped with stop motion device for rope entangling and disentangling system;
 ◆ Equipped with seam detector;
 ◆ Unloading plaiter device;
 ◆ High-efficiency centrifugal pump controlled by inverter;
 ◆ Dosing tank with dosing pump, mechanical stirring, automatic level control, chemical dosing system;
 ◆ Level sensor for liquor level in tank;
 ◆ Programmable fill/drain;
 ◆ SETEX 777CE controller.OPTIONAL:
 ◆ Programmable second fill and second drain;
 ◆ Automatic direct steam heating system (steam and water mixer);
 ◆ High temperature direct drain;
 ◆ MPST: Multi-purpose stock tank.SPECIFICATION: ModelKN-250(1T)KN-250(2T)KN-250(3T)KN-250(4T)KN-250(6T)No.of ports12346Capacitykg25050075010001500DimensionsLmm476061707600900011850W51205120512051205120H37003700370037003700Suitable for all types of fabrics (except pure wool) url:

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