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Stand Up Bag For Roasted Chestnuts
Tue Mar 14, 2017 22:41

Stand Up Bag For Roasted ChestnutsYangrui offer a wide range of Stand Up Bag For Roasted Chestnuts in different sizes and colors,according to the requirement and budget of the customers. We utilize the latest equipment to create stunning and attractive printed bags for custom orders. We can custom print any design by making use of the rotogravure technique which allows us to print up to 9 colors. Our Stand Up Pouches With Window can be in matt finish, shiny finish, shiny and matt finish, brown Kraft paper printing, window bags, aluminium foil laminated bags, etc.These Stand Up Pouches have a combination of materials including:LLDPE / PPE / MET / BOPP / PE,these materials offer more flexibility and durability to the pouches. They are laminated with metalized or aluminium layers, which are able to provide a high barrier against moisture, oxygen and light conserving its fresh produce longer.Stand Up Pouches are suitable for packaging of products like:Coffee / Fertilizer / Candy / Pet food / Cosmetics, etc. And these pouches are equipped with various extras such as Re-sealable,Zip closures,Hanging holes,Tear notches,Degassing valves,Euro slots,Transparent windows.So our Stand Up Bag For Roasted Chestnuts are available with unique and innovative designs, which is an effective marketing tool for fascinating the consumers towards the products.  url:

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