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Juice Cup Sealing Film
Tue Mar 14, 2017 22:42

Juice Cup Sealing FilmYangrui Juice Cup Sealing Film production line with national environmental standards, food standard product technical requirements to ensure the environmental, health and safety products. The appearance of fine, bright colors, seal tightly, and with easy to tear effect, improve product quality.Cup cover film easy to tear sealing film is an easy to make but difficult to do varieties. Reed AU composite packaging equipment and the introduction of Japanese technology to ensure a tight seal and easy to tear effect.Yangrui After years of R & D, product formed its own stretch, sealing performance enhancement theory, establish a set of stable quality and quality system. Product market share lead in China and exported to many countries of Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, India, and Russia, it is one of China's flexible packaging industry brand.  url:

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