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Circular Waveguide To Coaxial Adapter
Sat May 13, 2017 19:16

Welcome to visit our website! You can buy our cheap or low price or discount circular waveguide to coaxial adapter in stock and wholesale customized Cu and Al circular waveguide to coaxial adapter from us.HengDa Microwave manufactures Circular Waveguide to Coaxial Adapter covering a full frequency range for Circular Waveguides, It is used to realize circular waveguide to coaxial transformation .We Also provide the same specification of high-power circular waveguide coaxial Adapter (CWHPCA type). For more information feel free to call us and discuss your needs with one of our sales engineers. Download Waveguide to Coaxial Adapte【Specifications】Model  No*Freq Range(GHz)Working bandwidthInside diameter  Φ (mm)VSWR(Max)Connector TypeHD-114.58CWCAN1.76~2.4220%114.581.25N-50KHD-97.87CWCAN2.1~2.820%97.871.25N-50KHD-83.62CWCAN2.45~3.320%83.621.25N-50KHD-71.42CWCAN2.83~3.8820%71.421.25N-50KHD-51.99CWCAN3.9~5.320%51.991.25N-50KHD-44.45CWCAN4.55~6.2320%44.451.25N-50KHD-38.1CWCAN5.3~7.320%38.11.25N-50KHD-32.537CWCAN6.3~8.520%32.5371.25N-50KHD-27.788CWCAN7.3~9.520%27.7881.25N-50KHD-23.852CWCAN8.5~11.520%23.8521.25N-50KHD-17.415CWCAS11.6~15.920%17.4151.25SMA-50KHD-15.088CWCAS13.4~18.420%15.0881.25SMA-50KHD-12.7CWCAS15.9~21.820%12.71.25SMA-50KHD-9.525CWCAK21.2~29.120%9.5251.25K 2.92HD-8.331CWCAK24.3~33.220%8.3311.25K 2.92HD-7.137CWCAK28.3~38.820%7.1371.25K 2.92*Indicates Model Number. See Ordering Information for complete part number.【Ordering Information】▪ Flange type: Multiple types available - see HengDa Microwave Flanges page ▪ Finish: Corrosion protection plus black top coat▪ Standard unit provided not sealed pressure tight unless otherwise specified. url:

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