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Your goals are worthwhile
Tue Jun 13, 2017 05:04

Commitment depends upon conviction. And conviction is
something you can create from what you already have.

Within you there is a powerful and undeniable sense of
purpose. Conviction comes from making a solid and persistent
connection to that unique purpose.

When your intentions are supported by a strong enough reason
why, you will find a way to bring them to life. Getting
anything done is a matter of continuing to remember why you
have chosen to do it.

It's no secret that focused and persistent effort brings
achievement. With a strong sense of conviction, you can keep
that effort going for as long as the achievement requires.

Harness the power that flows from your most authentic
desires. Build your convictions based on who you truly are.

When your actions resonate with those convictions, they
produce profound and valuable results. Each moment you live
with purpose is a moment that adds real richness to your world.

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