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CNC Folder Cum Slitter
Thu Jun 15, 2017 07:58

Features of CNC Folder Cum SlitterIt is under CNC control,Website:, and can automatically perform various operations as plate locating, clamping, folding, and slitting. This folding machine is a high-tech product that integrates advanced mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic technologies. It is suitable for use in steel constructions, and can be used for plate metal folding operations in other industries. Applications of CNC Folder Cum SlitterThe machine can not only be used for machining the workpiece used in steel contracture such as fastigium, door opening, and windows and so on, but also can be used in other industries for machining the metal panels.Technical Parameters of CNC Folder Cum SlitterItemParameterNoteFD-4000FD-6000FD-8000Max. Folding Length (mm)400060008000Throat Depth (mm)1000Max. Folding Thickness (mm)Normal Steel: 1.0≤250MpaAluminum: 1.0Stainless Steel: 1.0Max. Slitting Thickness (mm)Normal Steel: 1.0≤250MpaAluminum:1.0Stainless Steel: 1.0Max. Folding Angle (°)125Machine Configurations of CNC Folder Cum SlitterSlitting Device1.Type of Blade: Slitting WheelDiameter: ∮80 (Enough)Material: Cr12MoV2.Drive System: Motor Driving, 1.1KWGuiding Device: Steel Rope Circling3.Slitting Speed: Approx.0.8m/sSlitting Distance: Through Steel Rope Circulation.Bending & Slitting Device1. Max. Bending Thickness: 1.0mm2. Max. Bending Length: 4000/ 6000/ 8000 mm3. Max. Slit Thickness: 1.0mm4. Min. Folding Dimension: As BelowHydraulic Power Pack1. Capability: Max.16MPA2. Capacity of Oil Tank: 460L3. Power Source: HydraulicPLC Control System1. System: Siemens PLC Control2. Numerical Control Locating System: Siemens PLC Control3. Operating Table: Touch Screen4. Angle Programmer: Encoder Test5. Slitting Control: Manual6. Emergency Stop: E-stop Button + E-limit + Foot Switch (Right Heavily)

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