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Automatic Receding Head Plane Die Cutting Machine
Tue Jul 11, 2017 07:13

Among those famous automatic receding head plane die cutting machine manufacturers, Shuoying Precision Machinery is a competitive automatic receding head plane die cutting machine golden supplier in China. You can get CE certificated products from us.Automatic receding head plane die cutting machine Model : SY-3/30、40USE AND FEATURESIt is suitable for cutting single layer or multi-layer of leather, rubber, plastic, packaging, textile, chemical fiber and other materials by the cutting die.1. Upper cutting board can automatically move forward & backward, so that the operating visual field of operator is the best. From feeding material、placing cutting die until cutting, all movements (the upper cutting board will move forward, drop down & cut, rise up & move backward automatically) will be done at one go without interruption, which has greatly increased work efficiency and reduced the labor intensity.2. Double oil cylinders、precision four-column auto-balancing link structure, which can guarantee uniform cutting depth of each cutting position. 3. When upper cutting board drops down and touches the cutting die, it can automatically slow cutting to make the cutting material no size error between the top and bottom layers.4. Equipped with central oil supply automatical lubricating system, to ensure working precision and prolong the service life of machine.5. When cutting, using the safety grating to ensures high safety of operators.TECHNICAL PARAMETERSMax. cutting force300kN400kNCutting speed0.12m/s0.11m/sStroke adjustment range0—120mm0-130mmRange between the working tables40—160mm40-170mmBackward speed0.40m/sSize of upper cutting board1600×500mm1600×600mmSize of lower worktable1600×510mm1600×610mmMotor power2.2kW3kWOverall dimension2280×1400×1750mm2320×1700×1750mmTotal weight2200kg2450kg url:

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