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Silver Bimetal Contact Rivets
Sat Jul 15, 2017 08:27

Standard ShapesStandard Dimensions
     Shank Diamater (d)Head Diameter (D)Shank Length (L)Ф0.8√0.5~1.5Ф1.0√√0.5~1.5Ф1.2√√0.5~1.5Ф1.5√√√0.8~2.0Ф1.8√√√1.0~2.5Ф2.0√√√1.0~2.5Ф2.3√√√1.5~3.5Ф2.5√√√1.5~3.5Ф3.0√√√1.5~5.0Ф3.5√√2.0~5.0Ф4.0√√√2.0~5.0Ф4.5√√√2.0~5.0Ф5.0√√2.0~5.0Rivet Contact Size Tolerance (mm)
     Head Diameter (D)D RangeD<4.04.0≤D<7.0D≥7.0Normal±0.07±0.08±0.1Precision±0.05±0.06±0.08Head Thickness
     (T)T Range0.2≤T≤0.80.8<T≤1.5T>1.5Normal±0.03±0.04±0.05Precision±0.02±0.025±0.03Shank Diameter (d)d ranged<2.0d≥2.0Normal-0.02
     -0.08Total Length (TL)TL RangeD≤5.0D>5.0Special Contacts (Note 1)Normal+0.1
     0Nominal Thickness of Contact Layer (S)S RangeS≤0.4S>0.4Tolerance±0.05±0.06Demould Angle
     (θ)T<≤0.5T>0.5 and T<LT>0.5 and T≥Lθ Value and Tolerance(Note 2)9o±2oθ=13o±2oSpherical Radius (SR)SR Range1.0~2.5>2.5~9.5>9.5Tolerance±0.5±1.0±0.2RRadius at the Edge of the Contact Surface (R)Normally 0.2~0.5Radius at the Edge of the Shank Bottom (R)<R0.1Note 1: Special contacts refer to the contact rivets which have chamfer or pit or hollow on the shank.
     Note 2: For the contact rivets with head thickness no more than 0.5mm, the rivet mould is made according to drawing demould angle requirement, while the contact rivet demould angle is not assessed.Main ApplicationRelays, Contactors, Miniature Switches, Temperature Controllers, etc.Main MaterialAgCu/Cu, Ag/Cu, AgNi/Cu, AgSnO2In2O3/Cu, AgSnO2/Cu, AgCdO/Cu, AgCuO/Cu, AgZnO/Cu. Product Photo Show url:

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