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Today is your day of choice
Thu Aug 10, 2017 21:54

Stop worrying about being perfect. Just be sincere, honest and authentic.

Stop worrying about what might or might not happen at some
future time. Put your energy and attention into connecting
with the richness of right now.

Take a deep, refreshing breath and feel the freedom as you
let go of every worry you've been holding. Experience the
full power of your thoughts and actions when they are
constantly pointed in a positive direction.

Allow your thoughts to support and encourage you rather than
hinder you. Free yourself to deal effectively and
successfully with what is real and what is now.

Get in the habit of choosing and following your best
possibilities instead of worrying about the worst ones.
Bring your highest intentions to life and leave the worries
far behind.

Worry brings you nothing worth having, so choose right now
to free yourself from its grip. Focus on what you can do and
why, and experience the true goodness that life can offer.

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