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3 Step Diamond Polishing Pad For Marble
Mon Sep 11, 2017 07:40

If you are looking for best high-quality 3 step diamond polishing pad for marble products from professional 3 step diamond polishing pad for marble manufacturer and company, please feel free to contact New Zuan Diamond Tools Co.,Ltd, we are always at your service.3 Step Wet Polishing Pad for Marble3 Step diamond polishing pad for marble is designed with resin bond with velcro backing.    3 Step diamond polishing pads have the same polishing performance but only 50% grinding and polishing time. Our 3 step wet polishing pads are designed to produce a high quality shine with only half labor when compare with traditional 7 polishing process. The polishing pads are manufactured by using high density diamond to improve sharpness and lifetime. 3 Step polishing pads for marble are usually white or gray white color.Features:  Highest quality polish3 step system saves polishing timeFlexible and cost-effectiveFast polishing without scratch Application:Designed to polish marble, engineered stoneUsed on angle grinder, hand held grinder and floor machineWet use onlySpecification:Item No.DiameterThicknessGritBondWork TypeNZWM-01 4"/100mm3.0mm1#Resin Wet use NZWM-01 4"/100mm3.0mm2#ResinNZWM-01 4"/100mm3.0mm3#Resin  url:

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