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Two-element 90 Degree Rosette For Torgue And Shear-strain Me
Sun Nov 12, 2017 23:13

FeaturesGages patterns designed for measuring shear strain and torqueIndividual and multiple grid patternsDescriptionLCT's strain gauges are made of either constantan foil or evanohm foil and phenolic resin,they are flexible and simply peration.Mostly 350Ω/650Ω/700Ω/1000Ω/2500Ω/3000Ωstrain gauges are designed for sensor or transducer application.As using the special base material by ourself (LCT),ensure to non-linearity and hystersis of strain gauges be excellent;Precised seal structure is benefit to load cells be good stability for long-term;With advantages of self-temperature and creep compensation,which could be used for manufacturing load cells Class 0.02.All 60Ω/120Ωand part of 350Ωstrain gauges are with advantage of self-compensation,good stability and flexible.They are specially designed for stress analysis,which can be used for micromeasurement.Customized product services are provided.Strain Gage Designation SystemNote:* Constantan foil could be Self-temperature compensation;** Evanohm foil could be self elastic modulus compensation;*** For coaxial with multi-grid selection. Technical ParameterNo.ItemCF SeriesEF Series1Resistance:60/120/350/650/1000/20002Resistance Tolerance:≤±1%3Gauge Factor:2.0-2.21.9-2.34Gauge Factor Dispersion:≤±1%5S.T.C.Number:9/11/16/23/276E.M.C.Code: M11/M237Working Temp.Range(℃) -30 ~ + 80℃8Strain Limit:2%9Fatigue Life:≥107≥108PatternType
       Grid DimL×W(mm)CarrierDimL×W(mm)Self-CreepCompensationCodeCF350-2HA-B(XX)C##2.0×4.07.1×5.7C08,C10,C12,C14, C16,C18,C20,C22EF350-2HA-B(M11/M23)C##2.0×4.67.2×5.4CF350-3HA-B(XX)C##3.0×5.69.6×6.7CF350-4HA-B(XX)C##4.0×7.09.8×8.2CF1000-3HA-B(XX)C##3.0×5.39.4×6.6 url:

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