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super micro structure load cell flat mounting weighing syste
Sun Nov 12, 2017 23:16

Xiamen Loadcell Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the best flat mounting weighing system load cell lau-c1 and ltu-c1 manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to buy cheap and high-quality flat mounting weighing system load cell lau-c1 and ltu-c1 from us.FeaturesMiniature Compression load cellscapacity:5kg,...,20kgaccuracy:1%R.O.super micro structurealuminum construction with surface anodized/stainless steel constructionenvironment protection class:IP65Applicationsflat mounting weighing systems,force measuring in a narrow space.DescriptionLCT Miniature compression load cells are made of LCT’s advanced strain gauge technology.These load cells are designed for applications in a space limited area.The capacities of LAU-C1/LTU-C1 start from 5kg to 20kg.The measuring accuracy is 1%R.O.(R.O.=Rated Output).) Manufactured from high quality aluminum alloy/stainless steel of aviation standard.LAU-C1/LTU-C1 load cells are mainly used for flat mounting weighing systems and force measuring in a narrow space.DimensionElectronical Connection Technical Data Compression load cells LAU-C1  LTU-C1 Rated Capacity5,10,20 (kg)Excitation,Recommended≤6VDCAccuracy ClassXOperating Temp.Range-10-+40℃ Rated Output 2.0±0.5%mV/VSafe Overload120%R.C.Zero Balance±0.1 mV/VInsulation Resistance≥2000MΩ(50VDC)Input Resistance350±10ΩCable,Lengthø2.2mm×2m Output Resistance350±10Ω   Linearlty Error±1%R.O.  Repeatability Error±1%R.O.  Hysteresis Error±1%R.O.  Creep in 2 Min.±1%R.O.  Temp.Effect on Output±1%R.O./10℃  Temp.Effect on Zero±1%R.O./10℃   url:

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