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Aqua Air Pumps
Sun Nov 12, 2017 23:23

Description Hpumps 4106 mobula-shaped air pump is made of piezoelectric ceramic plate , vibrating after power is on, driving the air into the tank water for oxygen supply Features Black and white two options Mobula shape, attrative and fashion Super silent for bedroom and living room application Light weight and long service life Product Info. Model 4106 4106A Vol/Freq. 220V,50HZ 110V,60HZ Dimensions Dia 53*24mm Dia 53*24mm Weight 38g 38g Noise 33db 33db Power 1.8 watt 1.5 watt Pressure 12kpa +/-10% 10kpa +/-10% Flow Rate 300mm +/-10% 240mm +/-10% Water Depth 600mm 500mm Tank Volume < 80L < 80L Attachments 1pc of Air Tube Inner Dia. 4mm                 Outer Dia. 6mm                 Length 1000mm 1pc of Air Stone Dia.25mm 1 Power Adapter         Based on actual power supply and electric plug type 1 Suction Cup:          Detachable url:

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