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Ni-Zn Ferrite Core
Sun Nov 12, 2017 23:47

Shaanxi Gold-Stone Electronics Co.,Ltd is one of the leading ni-zn ferrite core manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to buy high quality ni-zn ferrite core, rh type ni-zn ferrite core, rhh r4h r6h balum multi-aperture type cores, rid multi-aperture, t type toroidal cores, r type ni-zn ferrite core, drum type ni-zn ferrite core, cdr type ni-zn ferrite core products from our factory.Material:  NiZnSize can be made according to your different demands.The products are made of the high quality magnetic material which is wide band , wide temperature and high impendenceThermostable impact , high stabilityCan maintain the higher impendance even under the high-frequency working conditionsGood frequency characteristicQ value is high at high-frequencyLow impedanceUsage: mobile communications, frequency adjustment implement, imaging equipmentMagnetic cores components are manufactured and promoted for use in general electronics devices such as audio video equipment, home electric appliance, office automation equipment, in-car equipment, communication equipment, measurement hardware, machine accessory and medical equipmentNi-Zn Ferrite Core CatalogINDUCTANCE CHANGE VS TEMPERATURE CURVERELATIVE LOSS FACTOR VS FREQUENCY CURVE  MATERIAL CHARACTERISTIC CHART  SMB type Beads cores  RI、DRI type cores  THP Threaded Cup Type Cores  DR Drum Type Cores  R type rod type cores  RHH R4H R6H Balun Multi-Aperture Type cores  RH tubular Shield Type cores  RID Multi-Aperture、T type Toroidal cores  CDR type CUT Drum cores  DRH、SDR Drum Hole、Square drum Type cores  TH Threaded Type Cores  P Cup Core Pot Type cores  SDRI、DR type SMT Power Choke cores  url:

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