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Iron Powder Core
Sun Nov 12, 2017 23:48

Shaanxi Gold-Stone Electronics Co.,Ltd is one of the leading iron powder core manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to buy high quality iron powder core, toroidal iron powder core, e type iron powder core, cylinder type iron powder core, drum type iron powder core products from our factory. Different sizesIron powder coresRoHs complianceDifferent sizes and material including 2, 8/90, 18, 26, 38, 40,52 can be provide Ferrite core / toroidal core / Iron powder core Various type are availiable High qualityWith high-UI up to 12,000With adjustable height Outer diameter: 2.54 to 180mmAvailable types:RF carbonyl coresIron powder coresCompatibility cross seriesT Type:T25-1 T30-10  T38-8 T50-52DT51-2B T68-10 T72-8 T80-26B T94-26 T106-18BT 157-26 T224-52        T300-26T400-52 T400-26B   T650-52.....E Type:E13-8 E25-40A  E25-52A E43-2 E43-8 E56-33 E56-40 E77-52A.....Iron Powder Core CatalogMaterial Properties Product Characteristics Magnetic Characteristics Curves Toroidal coresT25-18  to  T40-52  T44-18  to  T57-52A  T60-18  to  T80-52  T80-18B  to  T106-52T106-18A  to  T132-52T141-26  to  T184-34T184-35  to  T225-35T225-40  to  T300-52T300-18D  to  T400-40DE Type CoresE13-18  to  E35-26E35-40  to  E57-26E57-40  to  E114-52HPlain coresP3.45×19.7  to  P25.4×50.8 url:

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