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EN13060 Class B Autoclaving Equipment Tattoo Autoclave Steri
Sun Nov 12, 2017 23:50

EN13060 Class B autoclaving equipment tattoo autoclave sterilization machineWR-MInstructions:1. Please read the manual carefully before operation. 2. Put sterilizers on horizontal worktable and raise the front two supporting stands slightly. 3. Be sure to use distilled water in order to prolong the life of sterilizers. 4. Clean the water tanks and water filter regularly. 5. Do not move the sterilizer during the process of work. 6. All the medical equipment,Website:, blankets, clothing etc. which contact pathogenic microorganisms must be sterilized by chemical disinfectant first. 7. The package or container for disinfection items must be appropriate, and is recommended to use double wrapped white cotton with good steam penetration.8. Try to put the same kind of instrument in the same sterilizer flatly,leave aperture, make sure steam can penetrate easily. 9. Make sure the machine in good condition, especially the safe valve. 10.Do not open the door until the pressure fall down to "0" bar.

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