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Wire Wound Inductor
Sun Nov 12, 2017 23:50

Shaanxi Gold-Stone Electronics Co.,Ltd is one of the leading wire wound inductor manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to buy high quality wire wound inductor, high current ceramic wire wound inductor, high q ceramic wire-wound inductor, low profile wire wound inductor, smd ceramic wire-wound inductors, smd molded wound chip inductor products from our factory.Wire wound chip inductor is a perfect combine by means of combining hinge precision coil framework with superb wound technology comparable with traditional inductor, it is improved technology, reduced volume and changed the lead into a kind of terminal electrode structure suitable for SMT Features:Miniature size and suitable for SMT;Using terminal electrode structure to restrain the parasitic component effect quite caused by lead;Wire Wound Inductor CatalogCeramic wire wound inductorAISC-0402AISC-0603AISC-1206Ferrite wire wound inductorAISC-0402FAISC-0603FHigh current ceramic wire wound inductorAISC-0402HPAISC-0603HPHigh Q Ceramic Wire-Wound inductorAISC-0805HQAISC-1008HQlow profile wire wound inductor(ceramic base)AISC-0805LPSMD CERAMIC WIRE-WOUND INDUCTORSAISC-1210SMD Molded Wound Chip inductorAISM-1008AISM-1210AISM-1812AISM-1812HAISM-2220 url:

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