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Horizontal Vertical Top-loading Autoclave Sterilizer
Sun Nov 12, 2017 23:51

Horizontal vertical top-loading Veterinary autoclave sterilizerWR-M(MODEL)VoltagePowerVolumeChamber SizeOutside SizeWR-12B-M220V/50HZ1800V12L200 X 360mm540 X 442 X 380mmWR-18B-M220V/50HZ1800V18L245 X 350mm540 X 442 X 380mmWR-23B-M220V/50HZ2300V23L245 X 450mm660 X 442 X 380mm1.Fully compliance to EN13060 B standard,3 times pulsating vacuum. Vacuum can down to -80Kpa 2.Digital display, easy to operate.3.Automatically detect door status, make operation more safety.4.2.5mm Deep-stretched shape high quality stainless steel internal bladder.5.Built-in cleaning and sewage equipment. Automatic alarm when water shortage or full.6.Built-in printer to print the sterilization data.7.Short-circuit protection, Fuse tube: T15AL ~250V8.Storage tank capacity: 2 liters9.Required water for each loop: 0.3 liters10.Minimum alarm level of water tank: 0.5 liters11.Operating temperature: 0~40℃12.Working  pressure/temperature:90~130KPa/121℃ (Standard atmospheric pressure)200~230KPa/134℃(Standard atmospheric pressure) url:

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