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SemiAutomatic Tabletop Medical Autoclave
Sun Nov 12, 2017 23:52

Semi Automatic Tabletop medical Autoclave WR-16B-A-(-P with printer)Prompt1. Please place the sterilization on a plane place , which could adjust the height by adjusting foot pad2. Please adopt distilled water to extend the service life3. Don't block the heat removal system on the surface of sterilization4. Please put the instruments on the tray not touching one another allowing space for steam to pass through5. Please empty the used water tank frequently. Usually it need empty when the clean water in the reservoir is empty.6. Please ensure the door handle is closed tightly7. Never try to open the chamber door if and when the pressure display doesn't show "0.0"8. Please cut off the power and cool down the autoclave before maintenance9. Don't drag the machine while moving10.Power connection must be grounded properly11.Must be provided enough power. (23L:2300VA/18L:1800VA)12.While the outside temperature is too low, please pre-heating the machine without instruments for 30 minutes before sterilize url:

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